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Sterling Silver Weaved Cuff

50mm Clear Cuff with Sterling Silver Weaved Kraal Detail.
R1 929,00

Wrapped Silver Strip Bangle

50mm Wrapped Neutral Perspex Bangle with Sterling Silver Strip.
R2 399,00

4 Brass Strip Cuff

50 mm black perspex cuff with 4 brass strips with sterling silver studds
R1 890,00

Large wrapped Bronze Bangle

70mm Wrapped Bronze Bangle with Sterling Silver Strips
R4 195,00

Wrapped clear Brass Cuff

40mm wrapped Clear Perspex Bangle with Brass Detail.
R3 300,00

Wrapped Clear Copper Cuff

40mm Wrapped Clear Perspex Cuff with Copper Band Detail.
R1 999,00

Wrapped Multi Cuff

40 mm wide 5mm thick wrapped black perspex cuff with brass&copper detail sterling silver studs
R4 800,00

Wrapped Swimming Serpent Cuff

40mm wide wrapped black perspex cuff with brass strips and sterling silver studds
R3 990,00